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The Winds of Change

A brief overview of the main drivers of change, and how you can capitalize on evolving trends to ensure that your business flourishes in the new era.

  • Covid-19 reshaping e-commerce
  • Mobile Revolution
  • Gen Z
  • Omnichannel and Phygital
  • UX and Data
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What is Bothering Online Shoppers?

The global average online shopping cart abandonment rate is currently a massive 69%. While there are many potential reasons for cart abandonment in the fashion space - change of heart, cost too high, buyer was never serious or was merely comparing items - the inability to accurately visualize clothes on the body is often cited as a prime cause.


    How Virtual Fitting is Addressing Customer and Retailer Pain Points

    Outline of the three main categories of sizing/ fitting solutions on the market today and how each of them attempts to address retailer and shopper pain points. At the end of the section you’ll find a useful comparison table which can help you decide which of these solutions best fit your needs.

    virtual fitting on apparel online store

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